The Manifesto

Elytiz is the author of MAIDE with CARE: a Manifesto dedicated to the Image and Digital Stakeholders.

People have been asking us about our definition of “mindful brands”. We realized it was necessary to think about the kind of company we want to be and the kind of companies we want to work with.

It’s not about being perfect straight away. It’s more about taking small steps to become a more mindful and sustainable company.

That’s how we came up with the following Manifesto!

Let’s build a better future together.

Images and digital shape the world and influence cultures: they convey values ​​and messages that have a direct impact on the way people consume and behave.

Stakeholders of the Image and Digital worlds have a key role to play in responding to societal, environmental, and economic issues.

While the questions of meaningful positive and lasting impact remain subject to subjective analysis and interpretation, this manifesto aims to bring together those actors who wish to engage around a common vision of the practices engaged in the world of digital anmaid image in order to be part of an ever more responsible approach.

I) COOPERATION and authenticity towards members of our ecosystem

II) ATTENTION to the treatment of people and to the quality of goods and services we promote

III) RESPECT of the environment and the promotion of sustainable consumption

IV) THE COMMITMENT to behave as an ethical and exemplary company

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