Putting Together a Modeling Portfolio: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When first beginning a career as a model, you likely won’t have many contacts in the industry. Before establishing the kind of reputation that will open doors and secure bookings, the only way to get a start in the business is simply by having a really strong portfolio, full of top quality photography.

Extraordinary Models: meet Aimee Mullins

Propelled into the top 50 most beautiful women in the world by People magazine in 2000, Aimee Mullins is both a great athlete and an exceptional model. Aimee deserves her beauty title, because not only she is gorgeous, but also because her brave heart has led her to overcome many difficulties.

Fashion Photography’s Tempestuous Relationship With the Art World

Do artistic and commercial photography mix well?
If we believe the official narrative, art and commercial photography are like oil and water: each utterly repellant to the other. The art world turns up its nose at commercial photography for its anti-intellectualism and superficiality; in turn commercial photographers frequently disdain art photography for what they perceive as self-indulgence, pretentiousness, and incomprehensibility.

In shape and shapely: exploring the concept of beauty through history

French version It is often thought that things were simpler in the old days. But in fact, being a model in 1900 was much more complex than it is today. With globalization comes new means of communication, networking opportunities and with the proliferation of social networks, working in the fashion sector has certainly become moreContinue reading “In shape and shapely: exploring the concept of beauty through history”

Photographers Throughout the Ages

Version française Photographer’s Functions: Fashion without clichés Cartier Bresson said: “A successful photograph, required the alignment of the head, heart, and eye.”. This definition will help us better understand the function of the photographer over decades and trends. Indeed, according to the times and trends, the photographer has favored one of these three organs.