The relationship between the photographer and his model

I am a photographer and a young director.

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But, I was previously a model and actress. Through these combined experiences, my relationship with images has evolved a lot.

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Dash Luce: How did I get into modeling?

Each model has her or his own story, let me tell you about mine… 

I have been a model for more than 8 years. In my life, I had the chance to be on three covers of fashion magazines and worked as a professional model in Paris, London, San Francisco and also in Cambodia and China with brands like Nike, GoPro, LVMH, Samsung, NYX Cosmetics, and I also appeared on magazines such as GQ and ELLE. My friends always ask me how I got into this, so here’s my story…

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Photographers Throughout the Ages

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Photographer’s Functions: Fashion without clichés

Cartier Bresson said: “A successful photograph, required the alignment of the headheart, and eye.”.

This definition will help us better understand the function of the photographer over decades and trends. Indeed, according to the times and trends, the photographer has favored one of these three organs.

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How Long Does the Career of a Model Last?

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Ten years ago this article would have been quite different. But within ten years, society has changed a lot and the women’s revolution has not been reduced to a war against men. We have claimed an end to the dictatorships of forms, colors, and ages. It is true that starting a model career at the age of 60 is less easy than at 20. But nowadays, a model will no longer be required to stop her career at age 30 if she doesn’t want to.

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Etre Photographe à Travers les Epoques

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Fonctions du photographe : la mode sans clichés

Cartier Bresson disait : « Photographier c’est mettre sur la même mire la tête, l’oeil et le coeur ». Cette définition va nous aider à mieux comprendre la fonction du photographe au fil des décennies et des tendances. En effet, selon les époques et tendances, le photographe a privilégié l’un de ces trois organes.

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Combien de Temps Dure la Carrière d’un Modèle ?

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Il y a dix ans cet article aurait été certainement tout à fait différent. En dix ans, la société a beaucoup changé et la révolution féminine ne s’est pas réduite à une guerre contre les hommes. On a revendiqué une fin des dictatures des formes, des couleurs et des âges. Il est certain que commencer une carrière de modèle à 60 ans est moins facile qu’à 20 ans. Mais dans tous les cas, un modèle ne stoppera plus sa carrière à 30 ans s’il le désire.

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