Extraordinary Models: meet Aimee Mullins

Propelled into the top 50 most beautiful women in the world by People magazine in 2000, Aimee Mullins is both a great athlete and an exceptional model. Aimee deserves her beauty title, because not only she is gorgeous, but also because her brave heart has led her to overcome many difficulties.

La Relation Tumutueuse entre la Photographie de Mode et l’Art

Si l’on en croit le récit officiel, la photographie d’art et la photographie commerciale sont comme l’huile et l’eau : elles ne se mélangent pas. Le monde de l’art snobe la photographie commerciale pour son anti-intellectualisme et sa superficialité et, à leur tour, les photographes commerciaux dédaignent la photographie d’art, car ils la perçoivent comme étant pompeuse et incompréhensible. En tant que photographe, l’une des premières choses que vous devez donc faire est de choisir votre camp, puis de vous y tenir.

Fashion Photography’s Tempestuous Relationship With the Art World

Do artistic and commercial photography mix well?
If we believe the official narrative, art and commercial photography are like oil and water: each utterly repellant to the other. The art world turns up its nose at commercial photography for its anti-intellectualism and superficiality; in turn commercial photographers frequently disdain art photography for what they perceive as self-indulgence, pretentiousness, and incomprehensibility.

Ellen Von Unwerth, Photographer and Model

Ellen Von Unwerth is the proof that fashion photography is not the prerogative of men. Her pictures lose nothing in comparison to those of her male fellows. Indeed, this former German model-turned-photographer, offers a strong and innovative insight onto fashion. While some might have feared that a woman would look too softly at other women, this is a prejudice that the one we call Von has simply swept away.