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Elytiz Casting App


The first mobile app matching models and photographers with mindful brands for casting direction.

Download the app now to access our castings!

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How does it work?


Take a few seconds to download the app and create a profile with your BEST WORK.

2 – Network to grow your portfolio

If your profile gets validated, you can like portfolios of people you’d want to collaborate with (TFP). It they like you back, they get added to your talent pool and you can chat to plan a photoshoot together.

3 – Apply to castings

You can directly apply to our castings. There’s a preselection based on the quality of your portfolio. We get back to you if the client is interested in you!


Models and photographers, this app is designed for you. 

We believe in everyone’s unique and remarkable talent and we strive to make it shine over the creative industry. 

We empower brands and talents by reinventing collaborative creation and casting direction using technology. 

We deliver an on the go experience that matches rising talents and tailored job opportunities with inspiring and mindful brands. 

We are passionate about making the industry more responsible and efficient. 

Join us on that mission!

They trusted us

“I loved the idea and tried it out. More than the concept itself, I really appreciate the fact that Elytiz is supportive of my career. I feel like I don’t have to be someone else to become a successful model.” – Inaya, Paris.

“Many agencies tried to put me on diet or change things about myself. Elytiz is helping me grow a network that fit my personality and values. I’m up for a change in the fashion world and I’m glad I found the app.” – Laure, New York.

“My talent agency is happy that I could come up with better photos for my portfolio thanks to Elytiz. I found creative talents that correspond to my personal brand and that helped me get better job opportunities. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try!” – David, Milan.

“I thought I have nothing to lose by trying out the app. I feel supported and guided and I like the idea of bringing more fairness and transparency.” – Dara, Lyon.