Winnie Harlow: Diversity in fashion: the rules are changing

Posted on:3 August 2020


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Winnie Harlow

There are very pretty girls who say to themselves: “I do not have the measurements to be a model”, “I’m not beautiful”, “I have defects”, etc.  And then, the others, those who have real physical differences (according to the norms established by our society), who say to themselves: “I will be stronger than normal”; “I will turn my differences into a strength”; or “I’m going to break the codes and change the way people look at me”.

These models have revolutionized the world of fashion. There are iconic figures who stand up for their beliefs.

By refusing the notion of fatality, you are already changing the world.

Today Winnie Harlow, Lea T, Lily Cole, Aime Mullins, Ashley Graham, and many other women are shaking up mentalities by refusing a career that is dedicated to female perfection. They did what no one could have imagined. Not only did they become models, but, also, ambassadors of brands and advertising campaigns. These atypical models are really changing the face of fashion proving that courage and tenacity go a long way!

Winnie Harlow: a role model

Her real name is Charlotte Brown Young and she was born in July 27, 1994 in Toronto. Very young, she was diagnosed with a disease that causes depigmentation of the skin. While she was a victim of bullying from an early age because her school girlfriends mistakenly thought that her illness was contagious, she did not let it spoil her life. And in 2018, she joined the angels of the Victoria’s Secret Show. It doesn’t end there though: she became the ambassador of the Desigual brand.

She does not do anything like the others and yet she succeeds in everything she does. Thus, driving the perfect girls, who have climbed all the podiums of all beauty pageants without ever succeeding in a career in this difficult environment, mad. She’s making headlines today with her relationship with Whiz Khalifa. Winnie never fails to surprise us. Her secret? Don’t look in the mirror feeling sorry for yourself.

Do not try to fit the mold: use your differences to turn them into a powerful asset.

The story of a resilient woman!

Despite a difficult start, Winnie Harlow does not disassemble: at age 19, she dared to appear on the show America Next Top Model Show and thus made a name for herself. Soon after, she gained more visibility as she was featured in the Eminem Guts over fear video clip.

“I want to be America’s Next Top Model because it’s a lifelong dream. I am the underdog and I want to prove that one can follow one’s dreams despite all the flaws and setbacks.

But what really turned Harlow into a star is Instagram. The network that makes and breaks careers. It is Tyra Banks, at the head of the jury of the American show, who noticed her on the social media. She found her beautiful, “Symmetrical fantasticness”: leggy, killer body and above all an incredible presence. And although she did not win the show, Harlow gained visibility. Moreover, the photographer Nick Knight quickly noticed her. The trend continues toward unconventional beauties. She made some magazine covers, became the muse of Desigual and starred in a high-profile ad campaign for Diesel.

« Desigual stands for being unusual, unique, and atypical, so they figured I’d be the perfect person for that », she explains.

But what is the story behind her nickname? it is a tribute to Jean Harlow, famous actress and icon of the 30s who was also the idol of Marilyn Monroe. Yet, Winnie Harlow is far from platinum blonde beauties. And she is perfectly fine with that. She likes to play with this black and white amazing blending:

« it’s just skin, some people have white skin, some people have brown skin, I have both »

She encourages people to have a positive self-image:

« Try loving yourself »

That’s the secret to Winnie Harlow’s success: self-love, a prerequisite for happiness. To be reconciled with oneself as well as with one’s body and one’s being. She was nicknamed the “Zebra”, by her cruel girlfriends at school. She has also decided to return to her former high school to spread the word about this disease that affects one percent of the world’s population.

She also uses Instagram to convey an inspiring message:

« Don’t support me because I have vitiligo. Support me because I am Strong. Because I am a Human Being. Because I am an Equal. Support me because no one is perfect but we all want to be loved. »

Undoubtedly, Winnie Harlow is terribly attractive. And men then realize that there is a brain at the end of the sublime bodies that go back and forth on the catwalks …

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