How does the disappearance of borders influence the process of creation in the luxury industry?

Posted on:31 July 2020


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The role of designers is paramount in the luxury industry. They are of crucial importance in the creation of a brand and its development, because, and this is particularly true when it comes to young designers, the designer infuses part of his identity and builds a whole universe around his brand.

To understand this process of creation is to understand the values of a brand.

Breaking the rules, diversity and the growing influence of designers

During the 3rd edition of the Vogue Fashion Festival, the conference entitled “New fabrics and Design” was held with two guests: Christelle Kocher, creator of the brand Koché and Antonin Tron, founder of the brand Atlein.

During this conference, they presented their brand and their background. Their experience shows what the abolition of borders can bring to the luxury industry. Thanks to this opening to the outside, their influence extends worldwide, something remarkable for a young brand. Today, reaching other countries is much easier than before, thanks to the democratization of digital and online shopping. This is a real inspiration for anyone aspiring to work in the sector, because thanks to the testimonials of these two creators, we see that opportunities transcend geographical boundaries. As professionals, models or photographers, the testimony of these designers makes us realize that it is sometimes necessary to rethink our process of finding contracts. Because yes, you know, you can go beyond national borders. Think international!

The importance of materials and identity for the creation and development of a brand.

To create their clothes, these designers are enriched by other cultures and are inspired by what they have seen and discovered around the world, and by the great diversity that surrounds them, to create their clothes.

Streetwear has no secrets for them, both innovate and create clothes and collections as they please. You may not know it, but streetwear is booming this year and it is on the cutting-edge of trends for any fashion enthusiast.

Self-expression and a mixture of genres: Christelle Kocher favors the interlacing of materials and fabrics. She is inspired by the world around her, by the diversity of people and resources. A creative process that makes sense when you know that you want to spread a certain message through your creations. She wants people to find themselves in her creations – to get rid of codes.

Antonin Tron wants these clothes to be both modern and comfortable, so that the wearing of his clothes allows women to reconnect with their femininity.

“The Koché man or woman is a free spirit who likes to challenge convention with their clothes. The two convene for me.” Christelle Kocher

«The Atlein woman is aware of her femininity and sees it as a positive aspect of herself. When it comes to designing, I make clothes for women whose style prioritizes quality, integrity and who have strong values» Antonin Tron

For a supermodel, this relationship to the body is crucial. We all recognize this caricatured representation of the supermodel who is insecure and who is under pressure from the fashion industry, which is always asking for more. It is not these values that Christelle Kocher and Antonin Tron wish to convey. On the contrary, they advocate self-acceptance, femininity and identity. The point being above all to celebrate your own beauty before being a beauty in the appreciation of others.

These two testimonials prove that the universe of the designer is reflected through the design and the choice of materials

Showcasing creations and choosing associates

As when it comes to their creative process, each of the two creators has its own way of doing things. For example, when it comes to choosing models, Christelle Kocher, brand Koché, has a very unusual way of operating. She makes a choice that advocates eclecticism: she can hire models during casting or via agencies, call people she knows or even hire strangers who catch her eyes on the street.

Antonin Tron, meanwhile, only uses agencies.

As a model, knowing that makes all the difference. With a designer like Christelle Kocher, you can have your chances, and that even if you are not part of an agency. On the other hand, with a designer like Antonin Tron, you must be with an agency.

If however, you want to work for a particular brand, you need to find out about their recruitment process. Thus, you will know if it is necessary or not to be with an agency.

Whether you are a photographer or model, all this information is important for you. By knowing the universe of a designer, you can both know if you really want to work for him but also understand what he is looking for in his models and collaborators. Doing your little research before you start will also allow you to know what are your options and which entry gates are accessible to you.

Being a model for a brand is not just wearing their clothes, because you also have to represent the designer’s values and ideas.

For this, you need to be able to understand what he wants to transmit through his creations, to play the part for him in the world in which he operates. It is on all this that he feeds and creates his brand and raises it to the highest rank. The construction of a brand and the place of the model in the luxury industry is a paradox, an art and understanding its meander is not always easy. Elytiz hopes provides guidance to set out and start on the right foot.

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