Meet Yoon Ahn : A talented designer

Posted on:27 July 2020


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Portrait of Yoon Ahn from Ambush

The incredible creation ex nihilo of a fashion empire

For the third edition of the Vogue Fashion Festival, a young entrepreneur, jeweler, fashion designer and miracle worker, looks back on her journey.

Let’s discover Yoon Ahn’s success story.

Meet Yoon Ahn, a creator who is spreading her creative wings

“Creativity without limits”, this is the title of the session scheduled for the passage of Yoon Ahn, a title that says a lot about her career and her personality

This Korean-born artist grew up in the United States and is now based in Tokyo. During her childhood, she travelled a lot and those travel experiences helped her develop as a designer. Many fashion designers travel and take inspiration from all the diversity of the world. They discover many things that will allow them to distort, recreate and transform what they see and find in order to finally imagine something new, different and original.

Yoon Ahn is known to be the designer and co-founder of Ambush, one of the most popular streetwear brands in the world. She is also the creative director of Dior male jewellery, a position that showcases her savoir-faire and talent over the years. And if at first sight, those two worlds do not seem to go together, Yoon Ahn took up this impossible challenge. Every action she has taken for her different projects shows her open-mindedness. It is inspired by the diversity of the world and fashion trends: mix of cultures, genres, colors, styles and materials – it is by making these unexpected combinations that her magic works. She handles the codes of fashion to perfection, resulting in surprising creations, unique outfits – an alliance between streetwear and haute couture.

Ambush: a cult streetwear label

The underlying foundation of her brand, her source of inspiration, is her customers and her desire to offer them well-being and comfort. Yoon Ahn wanted to imagine clothes that were both comfortable and trendy. No aspect is left to chance, and the brand has something for everyone. So much so that Ambush’s clothes appeal to adults as well as teenagers. So this is a very wide target that affects the Ambush brand, a relatively rare thing. Yoon stays close to her clients and she knows them well. She knows their needs and desires – which is essential for any good entrepreneur, and all the more difficult when you have an audience as wide as that of the brand.

Yoon Ahn has more than one trick in her bag!

What makes her special? She takes inspiration from what she loves, her passions and relays her enthusiasm through her creations. For her, combining fashion and technology seems normal. For this tech savvy, finding new ways to create and share fashion is almost natural.

What happens when Fashion and Technology are brought together?

Yoon Ahn collaborated with Amazon to create a unique clothing collection. Although she has a special attraction for technology and clearly wants to bring these two worlds closer, it is Amazon who contacted Yoon Ahn for this collaboration. An amazing initiative from the e-commerce giant. It all began in Tokyo at Amazon Fashion Week, where the first ever Ambush brand show took place. Following this event, Ambush and Amazon collaborated on another project, a pop-up store, where you can find the collection created by Yoon. A collection that is definitely worth the detour!

Amazon’s artificial intelligence system sells Ambush’s clothes at Tokyo brand stores. As we say, ” progress never stops”: each creator has his/her own perception, vision of fashion and brings his/her piece to the party bringing elements that serve the evolution of fashion. As Yoon does with technology.

The way she fuses fashion and technology is paying off, as it is this approach that has made Yoon and VERBAL her husband and collaborator, successful entrepreneurs.

Yoon Ahn’s approach to fashion is an example in terms of creativity and innovation, because fashion is not fixed, it is changing and intrinsically linked to people, and also to technology if we believe the futuristic vision of Yoon.

Elytiz also believes in the evolution and change in the luxury and fashion industry. That’s why we are creating an application that will be useful to all fashion professionals in the exercise of their profession. One way is to ease their task through technology.

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